Launching the Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing 737 MAX pic
Boeing 737 MAX

Katherine Sopranos holds a twenty-year background in corporate communications, media relations, and messaging strategies. A portion of Katherine Sopranos’ experience was derived from her time as a communication specialist concentrating in executive and internal communications at the Boeing Company.

In December 2015, Boeing rolled out its first 737 MAX. Boeing employees celebrated the model’s release outside of the company’s factory in Renton, Washington. In acknowledgement of the company’s headquarters location, the first aircraft of the 737 MAX series was named “The Spirit of Renton.”

Distinguishing the 737 MAX from its predecessor, the 737 Next Generation, is increased fuel-savings and other technological advances. The 737 MAX realizes further fuel efficiencies from an updated engine, reduced weight, and improved aerodynamics. Boeing has already received 3,000 737 MAX orders from 60 different airlines worldwide and has announced plans to increase production to respond to this high level of demand.

The first Boeing 737 flew in 1967. The 737 MAX’s external appearance makes it clear that it is related to the original; however, across four generations of Boeing 737s, many elements have evolved and improved, making the plane safer, more comfortable, and more efficient.


Author: Katherine Sopranos

Katherine Sopranos is an accomplished public relations and corporate communications manager.

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