Three Ways to Enhance Your Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills pic
Interviewing Skills

A change management professional, Katherine Sopranos oversees communications as a director at a multibillion-dollar corporation. Katherine Sopranos also serves as a career coach, who helps job seekers improve interviewing skills.

To prepare for an interview, consider the following tips:

Record yourself – Making a video recording of yourself in a mock interview situation and then watching a playback on mute is a great way to observe your body language and ensure you are representing yourself the way you intend to. Take notice of expressions and body movements and adjust as needed.

Practice answer lengths – Because interview situations differ, you should prepare for every scenario by practicing how to respond to questions on the same topic for various lengths of time. Train yourself cover key points concisely in a 30-second response, as well as to provide longer explanations for two-minute answers.

Take a different perspective – Having a friend or family member’s point of view on your interview skills can be valuable. Also, switching up the roles, with you playing the interviewer, can vouchsafe some insights about how to meet an interviewer’s expectations by seeing things from their perspective.


Author: Katherine Sopranos

Katherine Sopranos is an accomplished public relations and corporate communications manager.

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