Three Ways to Improve Crisis Management

Improve Crisis Management pic
Improve Crisis Management

A Chicago executive, Katherine Sopranos possesses two decades of communications experience. Katherine Sopranos has honed skills in various areas, including crisis management.

Crisis management can help avert costly fees and damage to your company’s reputation. Take these tips into consideration when planning a strategy for handling a negative situation.

1) Designate a speaker. Depending on the scale of an issue, your company may be solicited by media to address public concern. Having a knowledgeable spokesperson allows your company to relay messages that are in line with your company’s brand and goals. Your speaker should have expertise speaking to the public and practice responding to interview questions. To reduce backlash, he or she should be as transparent as possible.

2) Communicate with customers. When a crisis impacts customers, your company should be prepared to address their concerns on numerous communication channels. Accessibility by phone and email is a must. In addition, a company must monitor social media. Customers commonly use social media to express opinions and voice concerns. By keeping track of conversations involving your company, you can address concerns quicker and avoid escalation of issues.

3) Inform employees. Employee communication is crucial for delivering support to customers and maintaining an efficient and smoothly run operation. Explain the issue with employees and let them know how it is being corrected. This helps them carry out their responsibilities better. It also limits internal rumors that can easily spread to external sources, thus requiring additional attention to correct an existing problem.