The Boeing 787 is Fuel Efficient and Has Faster Cruising Speed

787 Dreamliner  Image:
787 Dreamliner


Holding a master’s degree from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, with a concentration in writing, Katherine Sopranos has over 20 years of experience working with senior management of Fortune 1000 companies. As the former communications specialist for The Boeing Company, Katherine Sopranos helped manage the media and public relations for the 787 Dreamliner airplane.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has state-of-the-art technology and fuel efficiency which the company calls “the Dreamliner effect.” As a standard commercial aircraft, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is flown by many airlines, including American Airlines, Avianca, China Southern Airlines, and Qantas.

The 787 has low operating and maintenance costs to allow for potentially higher revenues. With the 787’s faster cruising speed and more cargo space, airline companies have the opportunity to charge more in baggage fees while getting its passengers to their destinations quicker. New nonstop flight paths and increased flying days allow passengers more variety selecting travel destinations and schedules.


Three Ways to Enhance Your Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Skills pic
Interviewing Skills

A change management professional, Katherine Sopranos oversees communications as a director at a multibillion-dollar corporation. Katherine Sopranos also serves as a career coach, who helps job seekers improve interviewing skills.

To prepare for an interview, consider the following tips:

Record yourself – Making a video recording of yourself in a mock interview situation and then watching a playback on mute is a great way to observe your body language and ensure you are representing yourself the way you intend to. Take notice of expressions and body movements and adjust as needed.

Practice answer lengths – Because interview situations differ, you should prepare for every scenario by practicing how to respond to questions on the same topic for various lengths of time. Train yourself cover key points concisely in a 30-second response, as well as to provide longer explanations for two-minute answers.

Take a different perspective – Having a friend or family member’s point of view on your interview skills can be valuable. Also, switching up the roles, with you playing the interviewer, can vouchsafe some insights about how to meet an interviewer’s expectations by seeing things from their perspective.

The 2016 IABC World Conference Heads to New Orleans

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International Association of Business Communicators

Director of change management communications for a multibillion-dollar company, Katherine Sopranos plays a crucial role in her company’s behavior change management communications program and global leadership program for organizational change. Katherine Sopranos also maintains membership with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

The 2016 IABC World Conference takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, on June 5-8. The theme of the event is Rise: Innovating Global Communication. Attendees will participate in programs that aim to improve leadership and communication skills, employee engagement, marketing, and reputation. Courses slated for the conference include communication lessons from disruptive technologies and the use of innovation labs to engage and inspire. Depending on what a person wants to gain from the conference, he or she can select a specific track to ensure courses are applicable to their goals. Special keynotes will be given by FutureSight Labs founder Seth Mattison and Fortune’s senior editor-at-large Geoff Colvin.

Those interested in participating in the Annual General Meeting may do so by joining other professionals at the Hilton Riverside Hotel on Saturday, June 4. The meeting, which coincides with the conference, will provide eligible members the opportunity to vote on bylaw amendments and executive board elections.

Kellogg MBA Program Produces Top-Recruited Management Consultants

Kellogg MBA Program pic
Kellogg MBA Program

Chicago-based business executive Katherine Sopranos has amassed more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles across multiple sectors, from corporate communications to joint venture marketing. In her current role, Katherine Sopranos serves as a management consultant at a multi-billion dollar corporation in the Midwest.

As the economy continues to recover and competition grows in the for-profit market, large-scale firms and companies have responded by investing more in the aid of management consultants. The overall US consulting market has grown by a minimum of 6 percent each year since 2011, and it shows no sign of downturn.

One survey shows that in recent years, more than 33 percent of MBA graduates from leading institutions, such as the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, are successfully securing openings in the field. The New York Times reported that 35 percent of the 2014 Kellogg class obtained positions at elite consulting firms, nearly outperforming Harvard and Stanford combined. According to a 2015 employment report published by the school, McKinsey & Co., Bain, and Boston Consulting Group comprised the top three recruiters.

Three Ways to Improve Crisis Management

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Improve Crisis Management

A Chicago executive, Katherine Sopranos possesses two decades of communications experience. Katherine Sopranos has honed skills in various areas, including crisis management.

Crisis management can help avert costly fees and damage to your company’s reputation. Take these tips into consideration when planning a strategy for handling a negative situation.

1) Designate a speaker. Depending on the scale of an issue, your company may be solicited by media to address public concern. Having a knowledgeable spokesperson allows your company to relay messages that are in line with your company’s brand and goals. Your speaker should have expertise speaking to the public and practice responding to interview questions. To reduce backlash, he or she should be as transparent as possible.

2) Communicate with customers. When a crisis impacts customers, your company should be prepared to address their concerns on numerous communication channels. Accessibility by phone and email is a must. In addition, a company must monitor social media. Customers commonly use social media to express opinions and voice concerns. By keeping track of conversations involving your company, you can address concerns quicker and avoid escalation of issues.

3) Inform employees. Employee communication is crucial for delivering support to customers and maintaining an efficient and smoothly run operation. Explain the issue with employees and let them know how it is being corrected. This helps them carry out their responsibilities better. It also limits internal rumors that can easily spread to external sources, thus requiring additional attention to correct an existing problem.

Working in the Schools Enhances Literacy in Chicago

Working in the Schools pic
Working in the Schools

With over 20 years’ experience in corporate communications, Katherine Sopranos currently serves as a management consultant and leadership coach for a multibillion dollar corporation. Katherine Sopranos also donates time and energy to the Working in the Schools (WITS) agency in Chicago.

WITS is dedicated to enhancing elementary students’ interest in reading, using the talents of volunteer literacy mentors. The organization offers several programs to achieve this goal:

Classroom Reading tutors work one-to-one or in small groups; volunteers’ skills are carefully linked to participating classes.

Midday Mentoring pairs tutors and second- and third-grade students for the duration of the school year. The tutors help the students shift from “learning to read to reading to learn.”

WITS on Campus exposes students to college life. Students go to once-a-week sessions at nearby universities, where they work with volunteers on homework and reading activities.

These and other initiatives have proven successful outcomes. WITS students report having better attitudes about reading, including reading at home, which improved to one hour per day, up from 30 minutes. Participants also increased their reading skills by five levels in one year, as opposed to non-participants who only progressed three levels.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner – One Passenger’s Experience

Boeing 787 Dreamliner pic
Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Now developing a change management strategy for a major multibillion-dollar corporation, Katherine Sopranos has had executive experience in several companies, including Boeing. One of Katherine Sopranos’ assignments at the company involved marketing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

One aviation reviewer described her experience as a passenger on the 787. One of the first things she noticed was the size of the windows, which are 60 percent larger than previous Boeing models. They provided good views even from the aisle seat. Lacking pull-down shades, the windows instead can be darkened through an electrochromatic process.

Over the seats, the baggage compartments appear small but are quite roomy when opened. The doors slant upward, giving the cabin a spacious appearance.

Further enhancing the cabin experience is an LED lighting system that changes color to correspond to the sky at various altitudes. On takeoff, the ambiance is light blue, eventually changing to violet as the plane climbs. During meals the lighting changes to bright yellow.

New technology improves the quality of air during the flight. The air is of higher humidity than other aircraft, which reduces the dry-mouth sensation. An advanced filtration system reduces exposure to airborne bacteria.