Kellogg MBA Program Produces Top-Recruited Management Consultants

Kellogg MBA Program pic
Kellogg MBA Program

Chicago-based business executive Katherine Sopranos has amassed more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles across multiple sectors, from corporate communications to joint venture marketing. In her current role, Katherine Sopranos serves as a management consultant at a multi-billion dollar corporation in the Midwest.

As the economy continues to recover and competition grows in the for-profit market, large-scale firms and companies have responded by investing more in the aid of management consultants. The overall US consulting market has grown by a minimum of 6 percent each year since 2011, and it shows no sign of downturn.

One survey shows that in recent years, more than 33 percent of MBA graduates from leading institutions, such as the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, are successfully securing openings in the field. The New York Times reported that 35 percent of the 2014 Kellogg class obtained positions at elite consulting firms, nearly outperforming Harvard and Stanford combined. According to a 2015 employment report published by the school, McKinsey & Co., Bain, and Boston Consulting Group comprised the top three recruiters.